People who seem to be upset by the season finale, can you tell me if it’s because of lack of Shamy or because of what happens with the Shamy? I don’t want any details or specifics. Just is there Shamy in the episode? Thank you.

All I have to say is, that was a finale.



"Oh look, a comic bookstore, mm, let’s make it buuuurn.

Now let’s have someone crying!

Let’s see, what’s next? Oh yes, someone leaving is exciting!”



I read the spoilers, and I’m upset, yes. But it’s not the end, and I think season 8 will be pretty interesting after this. It’s just gonna suck having to wait 4 months :(((((((

But try and keep positive guys! I think this could be the start of something big and beautiful… I really do think the writers did this for a reason.

So guys..

I kinda knew that something "bad" will happen, I thought about a break up to be honest because it leaves a big cliff hanger and the comeback in season 8 would be huge. But now, reading the spoilers, I don't know, I really kinda thought about that, but to be honest I was dissappointed, of course I was as a big shamy shipper. But think about it, how few people already said, think about season 8, their comeback will be huge, very huge! At least I hope so and I can't thinking any other way. Sheldon realizes that she's the one and only for him.. That he misses her on his adventure, and how he misses to kiss her and how he just misses her presence. I'm just so fucking pissed that we have to wait 4 months, because I can barely handle this hesitation from 3-4 weeks we experienced this season and now to wait 4 months is hard.. BUT long live the fanfiction and the gifted writers! Lord now I'll keep thinking about when they finally get back together in season 8, I tell you, that will be a kiss we all dreamed about, even more! How hard it is, also for me, it will all turn out alright. Though I think I'm gonna cry my eyeballs out if I see Amy crying..
Live long and ship hard!



I’m sad, very sad and I’m not gonna deny it. my Shamy feels hurt a lot and I want to cry. My problem? Too many espectations for this episode. I’m gonna sleep and I’ll wait for my heart to start to bleed.

I’m ready for the interviews


Interviews are always very telling. I can’t wait to watch any from Jim or Mayim. And the poor writers… I hope they steer clear of comic con this year. It’ll be like throwing them to the wolves.



Notice how if we were to stop arguing about who’s right or wrong we could pretty much change the world.

an ye harm none do what you will

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If you’ve always thought about writing a Shamy fanfic but find that you talk yourself out of it, please please please write it! We would love to read your story!!!